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Final Day Pre Deadline Chat

Last day drama is what football fans live for. Today share a thought for Hull and Newcastle fans.

Bruce has never beat Man Utd, today he must
Bruce has never beat Man Utd, today he must
Julian Finney/Getty Images

The final weekend of the season upon us in the EPL.  A number of players will be playing their final game for either their current club, while a few are likely playing their final game in their EPL career.

Those of you who go back a few years playing this game will remember the Holy Trinity of Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.  Basically pick those 3 players and build your team around them was a successful way to play.

Today the remaining duo of the trio play for the final time and for their prices and fun I'm seriously thinking of picking them up.

In the real world the pressure is all on Hull City who must beat Manchester United and Newcastle who must then beat West Ham and Big Sam should Hull do their part.

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