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Week 38 Super Sunday Live Chat

It all comes down to this. Get ready for a whirlwind 90 minutes!

The Premier League crown belongs to Chelsea. Who will win the Fantasy trophy?
The Premier League crown belongs to Chelsea. Who will win the Fantasy trophy?
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Nearly every ending tends to be bittersweet, even if it's more one than the other to start out. We tend to reflect on things over time and realize, whether we were initially jumping for joy or down in the dumps, there are plenty of things we overlooked when the particular thing we were focused on first came to a close.

This end of this fantasy season will be no different. Whether we're celebrating our Premier League or fantasy team for achieving its season-end goal, bemoaning the relegation of a favorite club or player, or watching an idol leave the pitch for the final time, we'll have things to reflect on as we move forward.

For me, a lot of my focus today will be placed on Steven Gerrard as he takes to the pitch for the final time for Liverpool. I can't guarantee a few tears won't be shed over the next couple hours, but I also know I'll be able to look back fondly at his illustrious career and be proud to have had him as a role model for so many years.

Once my Gerrard love-in is over, though, I'll also be looking back and reflecting on the fantasy season that was (and almost wasn't). We've had a lot of highs and lows throughout the season from Yahoo glitches to 3-minute hat-tricks, but through it all it's been wonderful to have this community to commiserate in the bad times and celebrate the good.

We'll be very active over the summer with transfer stories, season reviews and plans for what will undoubtedly be an exciting new season come August. I hope you'll all check in often to make the summer break (at least in fantasy terms) go by quickly!

For my final team of the season, I've selected the following squad:

Coleman, Ivanovic, Taylor
Gerrard, Mirallas, Brady, Sissoko
Costa, Vardy, N'Doye

I need 104 points to make it to 3,800 points on the season and average 100 points per week, which I would be very happy with considering the trials and tribulations my team has experienced since August.

Who did you select for your final 11? What is your end of season goal? Good luck as always, and let's chat!