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Out with the old and in with the new

No more Rangers, Tigers and Clarets but now we have Hornets, Canaries and Cherries.

Deeney is on the left but do you remember the face on the right?
Deeney is on the left but do you remember the face on the right?
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

With the playoff final done and dusted we now know who will and who won't be in the Premier League next season.

Going down

In the end it wasn't much of a surprise to see Queens Park Rangers, Burnley and Hull City lose their EPL place.  Hull's spot hand been coming,  QPR had some bad eggs we are told and Burnley never really had the player pool to avoid a dogfight.

QPR and Hull both have players on disproportionate wages to the club's income and many of the names will be looking to leave if any EPL club comes calling.  Whether they can keep them may determine their chances of bouncing straight back up.

Burnley have run their club with a little more self control on the finance front.  The players who got them up got the full season in the EPL.  Danny Ings and Kieran Trippier are certain to find themselves in the EPL again next season.  Burnley will have a great shot of promotion if they can keep their manager with the addition of the parachute money coming.

Coming up

Watford, Bournemouth and Norwich City will be our new boys next season.

For Norwich it's hardly new boys as many of the players who started the playoff final had been with them in their relegation season.  With those players not being good enough to stay up you would think some wise investment is needed.  Cameron Jerome was man of the match in the playoff final bullying a pair of MIddleboro CB with decent reputations in the Championship.  He will not do the same to EPL defensive options.

Watford make be the unpredictable side of the trio.  Capable of hot and cold performances they will be fun to watch and at least early in the season a handful.  Troy Deeney has had off the field problems but seems a character who won't find the bright lights of the EPL concerning.  At 26 there is room for improvement and he is certain to be cheap in every fantasy game making him one to keep an eye on.

Bournemouth are already our favourite little side.  Eddie Howe is proving himself a promising young manager whose sides play football in an attractive and positive manner.  They will ship goals and their crowd will be even smaller than this season (average of 10,265) as the club has to face up with the strict EPL safety concerns.  But like Burnley they will be pressure free and can upset a few especially at home.  Away to them on week 1 isn't a tie that many will lick their lips about.