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Transfer Rumours: Just Getting Started

Summer without football is a little dull. Never mind, we have the always entertaining transfer season to get through. Lets start off with the early rumored movements so far.

Will he stay in Madrid or come back to the EPL?
Will he stay in Madrid or come back to the EPL?
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Here at NMA we are aware sports betting is not something open to all of us.  However, what we can do is review the bookmakers statistics as part of an assessment of the likelihood in the summer's transfer window.

As a guide if a move is odds on (where the first number is lower than the second so 1/2 or 10/11) the bookmakers think the move is more likely that less likely.  You have to assume the bookies have some in the know information but it will only take one story, often given with no substance to alter the odds completely.

Raheem Sterling

11/8 - Manchester City

6/4 - To stay at Liverpool

9/4 - Chelsea

9/2 - Arsenal

For all the talk of wanting to go home to London the odds show the bookies are unsure on Sterling right now.  City's side would seem to need Sterling the most to me and that could be why they are slight favourites.

David De Gea

8/13 - Real Madrid

6/5 -  To Stay at Manchester United

The madrid move is warm favourite.

Gareth Bale

1/15 - To stay at Real Madrid

7/2 - Manchester United

Like the odds on DDG, Madrid's ability to boss the transfer market are shown.

Angel Di Maria

8/13 - To stay at Manchester United (does not include a loan deal)

6/4 - PSG

As quoted by LVG this one is in Di Marias hands and attitude.

Christian Benteke

5/6 - To stay at Aston Villa

13/8 - Liverpool

7/2 - Manchester United

Interesting to see Villa odds on here.  Seems a natural LIverpool move but Tekkers has played so well under Tim Sherwood he may have formed a bond strong enough to stay.  Looks the perfect forward for pool with Adam Lallana, Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge and dare I say Sterling playing off him.

Theo Walcott

1/6 - To stay at Arsenal

4/1 - Liverpool

Also one that bookies like and I agree.  All the Theo quotes in the last couple weeks suggest he is signing a new deal.

Saido Berahino

8/11 - To stay at West Bromwich Albion

4/1 - Liverpool

4/1 - Manchester United

Attitude problems may be holding young Saido back from his dream move this summer.

James Milner

2/7 - Liverpool

4/6 - To stay at Manchester City

9/2 - Arsenal

Interesting race this one.  Milner has taken his fair share of mocking from fans and yet three of the top EPL clubs seem to want him.  I don't see where he fits into either Arsenal or Citys 1st team and as reports suggest playing time is key to his decision, Liverpool are warm favourites.

Petr Cech

1/1 - Manchester United

13/8 - Arsenal

5/1 - PSG

16/1 To stay at Chelsea

He seems a player leaving but I'm surprised to see PSG not favourites.  I guess this is based on the thought DDG is going and Chelsea do not fear selling their players to rivals.

Harry Kane

1/8 - To stay at Tottenham Hotspur

5/1 - Manchester United

16/1 - Chelsea

Despite all the reports of a £35m Manu bid the bookies see him staying at White Hart Lane.  Couldn't see any other endgame myself but reports Bale won't be sold and Ings to Spurs talk open up the chances.

Charlie Austin

11/8 - Newcastle

5/2 - Southampton

4/1 - Tottenham

5/1 - Aston Villa

12/1 - Liverpool

Wide open race for Austin.   I'm surprised Liverpool don't head the odds.  Pelle needs competition at Saints.  But maybe Villa will make the most sense should they lose Benteke.

Kieran Trippier

1/3 - Tottenham

7/2 - Bournemouth

8/1 - Stoke City

10/1 - Liverpool

Here we seem to have an example of a great fantasy player but dare I say a average real life player with room to improve.  Both Liverpool and Manu need a right back and maybe Spurs don't.  Stoke seem like a decent match to me.  He won't have to move that far and they are a progressive side under Mark Hughes.

Ilkay Gundogan

1/3 - Barcelona

2/1 - Manchester United

Barca don't need him while Utd very much do.  Once again the appeal of the Spanish giants sees them odds on.

There are many others but we have given you the headline makers very early on.  Have you heard any inside news?