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Is Christian Benteke A Good Fit For Liverpool?

He has been in flying form in 2015. But after a cup final to forget and a good old internet trolling, is he the right man to lead the Liverpool attack next season?

He has always created a good impression when he has faced Liverpool, good enough to tempt them to buy though?
He has always created a good impression when he has faced Liverpool, good enough to tempt them to buy though?
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Christian Benteke went in to the cup final with many eye on him and an £32m buy out clause.  His performance however had him getting trolled by a number of Liverpool fans worried he may be a new Andy Carroll or Emile Heskey for them.  Pretty harsh hey.

Tekkers himself had a game he will wish to forget.  His first touch was very poor and with the limited possession Aston Villa were capable of producing, they needed the ball to stick to him to build their attacks.   With the ball bouncing off him there were very few moments where he successfully linked play.  If this was his decisive audition for the big clubs it didn't go as he would have hoped.

Benteke has a very different style to the modern forwards who dominate the game.   His is that of the traditional english style big centre forward that causes havoc with his size and aggression, whilst providing the perfect link to the rest of the sides attack. When you consider his rumoured price is similar to what Chelsea paid Atletico Madrid for Diego Costa ,he seems overpriced.  But he is a goal scorer, 42 goals in 88 games for Villa.  For much of that period he played in a dreadful attacking team.  At Liverpool he would receive a far higher quality supply which could/should lead to an even better strike rate.  If that happened he becomes a 20 league goal a season player and they are worth £30m+ in today's market.

Liverpool really need a top forward to play with the brilliant Philipe Coutinho, the excellent when fit Daniel Sturridge and the may still be there Raheem Sterling.  We saw with Luis Suarez the effect the constant movement and skill the quartet had. Would Liverpool need a similar style forward of would the contrast of Benteke actually offer the Red more?

The Liverpool trolls made their feelings known sure.  But what do you make of the proposed move, should pool go the Benteke route?