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Week 36: Saturday Live Chat

All eyes are on Burnley as they could officially be relegated today with a loss.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

As we saw last week, with only a few Game Weeks left, it is imperative to pick players from teams that have something to play for, i.e. Champions /Europa League spots or relegation survival. Today, Burnley could officially be relegated with a loss to Hull. Losers of 6 in a row without scoring a single goal in that timeframe, the odds are not in favor of Sean Dyche's men, but this is why the games are played on the pitch and not on paper. Another team that has shockingly embroiled itself in relegation controversy with some downright shocking performances is Newcastle. The Magpies are hosting West Bromwich Albion that have been pulled into safety by their wins against Crystal Palace and Manchester United.

I have faith that both Burnley and Newcastle will show true character today and hence, I went with the following starting 11:





What teams did you end up? Best of luck this Game Week.