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Who should replace DDG at Man Utd?

The Red Devils best player is on his way. Who is the best bet to suit this current Utd squad next season?

Looks like he is on his way, I'm a sad fan.
Looks like he is on his way, I'm a sad fan.
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With David De Gea looking for all the world like leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid, let's ask the question, who should the Red Devils try and replace him with.

First up I'm disappointed United look likely to lose their player of the season.  I am always of the opinion however, if a player wants to go, let him go.  By that I don't mean you don't try and persuade your very best stay first.  Once they make their choice though, it's time to let go.

The truth is when Madrid or Barcelona want you, they generally get you.  Should they continue their progress of last season Anner Herrera and Philippe Coutinho will be next over the coming years.

The only shame is how the club have allowed a player of such value to get to the final year of his contract.  Properly managed the club should have picked up around £30 or more for the player rather than the £20 quoted.

So who are the possible candidates.

Petr Cech

33 year old Cech has EPL experience and has been one of the most consistent keepers in world football for a number of seasons.  What has become clear though is he is the past and Thibaut Courtois is the future at Chelsea.  Should Cech stay he will be warming the Stamford Bridge bench most weeks.

Against the idea is perhaps playing in front of the Chelsea back five or at times parked bus may have slightly flattered him.  Is that possible in your view?  Second issue, with Jose Mourinho's stance that should he sell within the EPL then he would expect a player in return as part of the deal.  Thats likely typical mind games from Jose.  In saying the idea he illustrates just who is in control of the situation.

Behind the scenes Jose is also almost certainly creating some amazing tale to convince Cech to stay.  Such is the reported man manager skills he has, you wouldn't rule it out would you.

Victor Valdes

The man holding position, Valdes is already a settled man at the club.  We saw in the game at Hull City he is still an excellent shot stopper.  But we also saw the chaos balls into the box caused him and there will be plenty of those next season.

Hugo Lloris

Here we have a keeper on the way up.  28 years old he is coming into his prime.  With ambition to play in the Champions League, Lloris has EPL experience and has plenty of experience of being a keeper left exposed by his defence.  With a combination of United's poor defenders (hopefully only currently) combined with their attacking style his ability to keep teams in a game is a big plus.

The sound bites are he would be open to the move but dealing with Daniel Levy may just be one of the hardest negotiations in world football.  Should the deal be agreed don't be surprised for it to happen after the season has started.

Asmir Begovic

Like Cech and Lloris he has the EPL experience and has also shown a consistent approach.  He doesn't come with the hype that those two do, nor will he either be as hard to sign or in Lloris, case as expensive.

With the defensive options at the club and regardless of big name signings this may be the most important signing of the summer for United.  DDG simply put made the saves that in my view won the top four battle last season.  He was United's most consistent player, their best player and their big game star.  Who replaces him will have the issue of following his standards.  Tough for that man.

Who should United sign and why?