European U21 Championship Fantasy Football


Extracted from Football Fantasy 247 Just when you thought you were having a fantasy free summer we are here to reel you back in! If the odd fantasy cricket game or the madness that are MLS DGW’s aren’t quite quenching your fantasy thirst then we have good news for you. Starting on June 17th and climaxing on the 30th we give you UEFA U21’s Fantasy Football. This will be short and sweet but intense never the less. The rising stars of European football and some Englishmen will gather in the Czech Republic to do battle and we invite you to join us and them on the road to fantasy glory. We shall go over the basics here such as the rules, the point scoring, the teams themselves and the fixtures. And of course the all important fantasy league details. FF247 League The Official FF247 league is called ‘FF247 potty Party’ and the code for it is 1510540-686120