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James Milner To Join Liverpool

No surprise to this transfer and common sense all around as James Milner joins the Reds.

Soon to be a Liverpool 1st teamer reg
Soon to be a Liverpool 1st teamer reg
David Rogers/Getty Images

With all the EPL and footballing superstars sunning themselves, the transfer window was going to take a couple weeks to get going.  What we needed was a player for whom playing football exceeded everything else, enter James Milner.

Milner has reportedly turned down a new deal at existing club Manchester City and agreed terms to join Liverpool on a free transfer.  At 29 this will be the last big deal Milner is likely to have and it appears he valued playing time over the riches (or should that be greater riches).

Liverpool's squad lacks the depth of City and looks likely to be strengthened further in the summer.  Milner who may play on either wide role or cover in a central midfield position would have continued to find it very difficult to break into City first team.  While at Liverpool with Steven Gerrard retiring and Raheem Sterling looking to move there will be plenty of chances for him to play.

Milner will give Liverpool a reliable steady player marrying Jordon Henderson's influence in the side.  He will also bring experience and leadership to the pool dressing room.  What he won't give is the x factor match winning player who can take a game away from you as Sterling has the potential to do and Gerrard always did.

A sensible start to a transfer window that Pool need to get right to reclaim a Champions League place.

How do you see the transfer?