KM's Take On The Official FPL Game

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Yes ladies and gentlemen, he's back, and the time has come for KM to give you his Know-it-all knowledge on a game he knows nothing about. Lets get right to it.


My thoughts on goal keepers are well documented, but for those who are new to the blog it's like this....Don't waste your money!

I see two options really. Get yourself a "top notch" keeper for 5.5 like Cech and a 4.0 scrub like Hamer who will hardly play. Total invested (9.5) This is a great option (IF) we were not limited on transfers and that makes a move like this risky.

The KM way is of course the best way. Get yourself (2) decent keepers in the 4.5 range. Total invested (9.0) which is (.5) less then option one.At the moment it is Speroni/Guzan for me. I know what your are thinking...this is BRILLIANT!


This is a bit more complicated but I will keep it simple for managers like Renegade and all those who would follow his teachings.

First off, a blind person can see that defenders, can & do,score as well as "most" midfielders for a WHOLE lot less. A quality defender will cost you 5.5 or 6.0 where 5.5 will get you a holding midfielder or a bench option. This does not mean load up on defenders. Get yourself (3) sure to start, play almost every game, proven guys and (2) 4.0 bench options. What you are trying to avoid is using a transfer on a defender. (That would be dumb)

For now I have settled on: Clyne/Azpilicuete/Fonte/S.Taylor/Baker. I like the first two but the only one who will sure be there on opening day is Azpilicueta. Again..Brilliant!


This is where the rubber hits the road and is (for the lack of better words) just hard! Lets start with the easy part..Get Hazard! Now that we got that out of the way you are going to want to pick players who's pricing matches/or is less then that of your number 2-4 choices for the same spot. That way you can use a transfer (if players prices stay even) for a 1 on 1 move.

Example: I currently have Cazorla at 8.5 (my next highest midfielder) but I am considering Depay at the same price for the same spot. Just so you understand (the same spot) means place in midfield based on player pricing. If I wanted say Silva at 10.0 I should make some arrangements from the start to include him in my line up in order to avoid the dreaded 2-3 player shuffle to bring him in. Replacing a 8.5 Cazorla with a 10.0 Silva might take 2-3 moves costing you points for bad planning. For now I am not considering any other midfielder over 8.5 so all options are open for a 1 on 1 weekly move from that one position. Could be Mata one week or Eriksen the next who knows. I call this my "swing position".

I should state that keeping (.5) in the bank if possible is another Brilliant KM move. This allows you to move a Cazorla to a Depay on any given week even if Depay creeps up to 8.7. You can do your 1 on 1 move for that single week and then you may go back to Cazorla the next. Since most midfielders (and defenders) rarely move out of the (.5) increase throughout the season, this makes 1 on 1 transfers (same price range) basically limitless. Having that (.5) will save you countless "penalty strokes"...... Brilliant!

My current midfield: Hazard/Cazorla/Henderson/Ritchie/Wanyama.


The MAIN REASON for having strikers in this league is of course "The Captain" function.

That means AGUERO! If you don't have him/budget for him/love him/want to have his children then go play fantasy tennis. I have him at 13.0 and if he does not play I will maybe do a Costa on that week for 11.0 but I will keep the money in the bank for when I bring him back. If I spend it it means the dreaded multiplayer move to reacquire. My (.5) running bank account allows for price fluctuations.

Current front line: Aguero/Kane/Deeney And of course (.5) in the bank.

That is it for now. You all know me, and this will ALL CHANGE 2-3 minutes after saving it or the next transfer takes place.

Let get ready to play!!!!!!!!