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5 Questions: Looking to fantasy days ahead

We are nearly there people. Almost time to start the debates and get back to fitting fantasy football around our day to day lives. Maybe for some its fitting our day to day lives around the fantasy. Whichever we have 5 questions for you.

This clever, smug you know what knows the answers, do you?
This clever, smug you know what knows the answers, do you?
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

We are on the verge of the launch of the NMA blog leagues where we can get down to some serious player selection chat (boy its been too long).

I was going to ask the question who is Manchester United's big surprise signing, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gareth Bale, a sensational come backing Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Muller etc etc? But that's not fantasy related enough for me (I think it's Imbra by the way).

Let's play the guessing game for the upcoming EPL season from a fantasy view with an ultra quick 5 questions.

1) Who will be the season's top scoring fantasy player?
2) After Radamel Falcao and Mario Balotelli in 2014/15, who will be this season's summer transfer fantasy flops?
3) With Alexis Sanchez out which Arsenal attacker is must have week one home to West Ham?
4) After the Southampton selection, Harry Kane and Francis Coquelin who will be the surprise package?
5) After the awesome Kieran Trippier, Charlie Austin and the decent Danny Ings.  Of the newcomers who will be the stars of Watford, Norwich and Bournemouth who in the Fantrax/Official game will be potential season keepers?