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Write about Fantasy Premier League for NMA

Do you love the Premier League? Are you an avid FPL manager? Interested in sharing your opinions and helping others succeed? Then we've got the perfect job for you!

We're looking for a new perspective from the sidelines. Are you the right person to join our team?
We're looking for a new perspective from the sidelines. Are you the right person to join our team?
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When we started hearing rumo(u)rs at the end of the last Premier League season that the Yahoo! game was going by the wayside, we knew we would have to find a new game to cover for 2015/2016. What we weren't aware of is that we would have no fewer than three fantasy games to focus on this year!

With Beat the Bloggers leagues on the way for the Official EPL, Fantrax 100M and Togga Perfect XI games, we're going to need some help providing the in-depth coverage and analysis that has made us one of the top fantasy communities for the past four years. That's why we're looking to add another writer or two to our team of fantasy bloggers.

Interested? Here's what the job entails:

Responsibilities & Expectations
  • A love of soccer/football (particularly Barclays Premier League)
  • Passion for fantasy sports (particularly soccer/football)
  • The ability to contribute 1-3 posts each week on various topics (player picks, injuries & suspensions, etc.)
  • Availability for communication on nights and weekends, year-round (we understand vacations are necessary and some absences may be unforeseen)
  • A creative mind & willingness to bring new ideas to the table
  • Interest in providing strategy & opinions for the Official EPL game
  • Interest in writing about other fantasy games (including Major League Soccer, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro League, etc.)
  • Writing experience, especially in journalism or online blogging
  • Strong social media skills (Facebook & Twitter)
  • An understanding of basic HTML and/or SEO best practices
  • Graphic design skills
How To Apply

If you're interested in writing for Never Manage Alone and can meet the expectations outlined above, please send an email with the subject line "NMA Writer Application" to Please also include the following:

  • A few sentences about who you are, where you're from, what else you enjoy doing and what you can bring to NMA
  • Any bonus items you qualify for from the list above, as well as a brief description/explanation of those items
  • Your background with writing/journalism, as well as 1-2 short writing samples (if applicable)
  • Your SBNation username (please create an account if you haven't already)
Please note that at this time, the available writing position(s) will not be paid, though a small monthly stipend may be a possibility in the future. We'll be making a decision before the season begins on August 8, so send in your application as soon as possible to be considered.

We're looking forward to having you as part of our team if you're selected, but even if you aren't we hope you'll join in with FanPosts, FanShots and Comments! Thank you!