Back to the Future: YFF Mothership calls all Fantasy Managers!

Can I haz

Bad boy Messi, you ought to share with fellow managers!

Alright everyone. I've been wanting to write this post ever since first bits of news of a potential cancelation of YFF emerged. Having played Yahoo Fantasy Football EPL (and, occasionally, Laliga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Liga 1) for many years now, I received the news of cancelation just the proper way a Fantasy addict should: with Sadness. Disappointment. Nostalgia. And Confusion...especially Confusion! The game I got used to loving and hating at the same time had come to an end.

I started playing the game in 2008, and luckily short after that I stumbled across Nik's YFF Blogspot and my YFF experience changed dramatically. I made so many friends in our pre-game, rate-my-team chats. Over the years Yahoo has failed us on so many ways, and so many times. But the sense of community in AM Regular's Chat Room never wavered. If anything, it only grew stronger and, for a long time, has been the only thing keeping people around.
AMCR has been probably the main reason my yearly rankings (global) have never been below 100th (except for the one dreadful 150m-budget-and-captain season), with the highlight being 30th last season, and 40th 3 seasons ago. I may never had a chance to say this publicly but I humbly thank all AMCR members for their endless insight and advices.

In the process of evolving our experience, last couple of years AMCR league(s) started several competitions like YFF Overall Winner, Champions League, Europa League, Super Cup, Knock 'em Out, etc. On top of that, AMCR has raised a budget (by generous fellow members of the community) and has been able to reward the winners of EACH category with a Trophy. Consequently the trophy is sent to the winner wherever in the world he may be living.



On a personal note: I gotta say I was very bummed to have missed out on AMCR League winner Trophy last season, in the last 3-4 weeks, after having lead the league by 50-60 points. That Trophy looks like a beauty. Ugh!... Congratz on the trophy: Soponwid Kittiyapichatkul "ICEBERG_SK". You bastard!

Now Yahoo Fantasy Football has gone. And it has left a lot of fantasy managers astray and looking for other options. But, fret not fellow managers. AMCR mothership continues to be as strong as ever, and will try to carry on the torch of being the most experienced, and friendly group of managers with incredibly diverse, helpful, and open-minded people from all over the world, and all walks of life.

I have come to invite you all to join AMCR in our leagues and enjoy together another eventful fantasy season, in different formats, with a lot of trophies. We have set-up leagues on Fantrax and FPL so far, but we're always open to new formats and options. If you need more information on Fantrax rules and interface please feel free to ask and we'll very gladly try to answer, with our best knowledge.

  • Fantrax 100 league:

League ID : goiup7lbic0f54wd
League Password : amcrffc

Step 1 : Open an account with Fantrax
Step 2 : Hover your mouse over "Join League" and click on "Private Commissioner" League
Step 3 : Fill up the League ID & Password (mentioned above and use Copy/Paste function to avoid mistakes)
Step 4 : Click on "Pick MyPlayers" to choose your final 11.
Out of 13 slots fill up only 11. You can choose the following formation:
1. 4-3-3
2. 4-4-2
3. 3-5-2
4. 4-5-1
5. 5-4-1
6. 5-3-2
7. 3-4-3

  • Code to join AMCR league in FPL: 2405-996

I hope to see you all there, together, when the season starts. Here's to an exciting new season.

May the best manager win!
Cincilatori (Kosova) []