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Premier League Match Day, Saturday Week 2

After the first ever Friday evening match in the top flight of English football, we resume the traditional Saturday slate of fixtures today. Keep up with all the fantasy action with us.

After both teams drew 2-2 on the opening weekend, will either get the win today?
After both teams drew 2-2 on the opening weekend, will either get the win today?
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

First things first, an announcement for everyone who's playing in our Fantrax league: The pricing algorithm for players was adjusted without any sort of forewarning yesterday, so there were major issues with the salaries of players when they were regenerated last night (including Jordan Amavi being priced at 18M+).

Unfortunately, there wasn't a way to undo the salary regeneration that I could figure out, so I instead manually entered in prices for players as a stop-gap to make the pricing more reflective of accurate values for players based on scoring last season and/or scoring this season.

Fantrax is supposed to get in touch with me today to answer questions about the change, and it may result in prices changing fairly drastically again soon. Hopefully there will be a long-term solution that we can figure out and get to the point where the automatic salary updates make sense. Until then, please bear with us on the player salaries.

Now that that's out of the way, we've got a full day of Premier League action to focus on! We'll begin with Southampton taking on Everton in the early match, followed by five matches happening simultaneously:

Who do you have in action on your fantasy team(s)? Are you already off to a good start after Manchester United's win over Aston Villa yesterday? Let's chat!