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Fantasy EPL Week 4: Pre-Deadline Chat

As we approach the transfer window deadline, we also start to get an idea of who we can trust in our teams, and who will continue to let us down. Some superstars are struggling, while fresh faces and cheaper players are making big names for themselves. With an international break looming, this is an important week for fantasy managers. Let's chat!

Julian Finney/Getty Images

When you visit the Vegas sportsbooks, you can find all sorts of proposition bets.  I wonder what sort of prop bet you could have gotten by saying that Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, and Alexis Sanchez would have a combined ZERO goals through three weeks.

Odds are you would have either gotten laughed at, or given whatever odds you wanted.

However, Week 4 is here, and we are still waiting for four of the highest-cost players at the start of the campaign to put one past the keeper for the first time all season.  Many of us made room in our lineups for at least one of these stars, if not multiple.  I know I sure as heck did. I'm still trying to recover from a bare first two weeks because of it.

The point has come in the season where you're either going to sink or swim if you took one of these four players.  Or, you're one of the lucky ones who didn't take any of them and you're now able to snag one at a discount cost.  If you're in either of these categories, what are your thoughts heading into Week 4 of the Premier League?

Other big questions....

Does a great performance from Kurt Zouma spell the end for John Terry? His red card last week keeps him out for the match against Crystal Palace, and many (myself included) believe that a solid outing by the young CB could mean the end of Terry as a starter for Chelsea going forward.  Are you planning to grab him on the cheap now and put him in your lineup?

Will Manchester City buck the trend and dominate the "easy" match? Chelsea versus West Brom....nuh uh. Everton versus Watford....nope. Arsenal versus West Ham.....nyet. We have had quite a few "easy" matches this season where managers load up with players from one team in what is expected to be a cakewalk, just to see few fantasy results from those players.  This week, everyone is grabbing ManCity players to put into their starting XI, as they are expected to roll over Watford FC.  Will they actually post some gaudy fantasy points, or are we in store for another shocker?

Will we see Wayne Rooney's confidence and form return after the hat-trick against Club Brugge? I'm a Manchester United fan....and you couldn't pay me to put Rooney in my team right now.  It's Club Brugge.  I'm expecting another stinker from Rooney.  I won't believe that he's gotten his act together until he does it against a side in the Premier League. And even then, I probably won't believe it until he does it again.

We are less than eight hours away from kickoff between Newcastle United vs Arsenal, so let's discuss those last-minute lineup decisions!