How Do I Post This Year?

I can't wait until Saturday morning kick-off and community chat. The excitement is building with each passing day. Who will be the first "FIRST"? Who will score the first goal? Who will be the first to say my season is over?

My main question to start the season is...How do I post?

In years past, nearly 100% of our chats were focused on a single game. With that game no longer available and many of us are experimenting with as many as (3) leagues, the player focus has gone from (11) to as many as (33) or more. So, when Gavin post, KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all know that Kane has scored, but now we will all have the same "follow up" questions each week with each similar post.

Do you have him? Which leagues?

I believe it's safe to say that the Fantrax/Official/Togga leagues cover the main focus of our community with some playing only (1) and many playing all (3). So instead of asking the same (type) of question after every comment, I am considering the following option(s).

Post: KANE!!!!!!!!! (F/T) Has this player in both Fantrax & Togga leagues only

Post KANE!!!!!!!!! (F/T/O) Has player in Fantrax/Togga/Official games

Post KANE!!!!!!!!! (Z) Does not have player in any leagues (Zero)

So I can make a comment like:

Looks like Aguero has hurt himself again and is going off (T/F) :(

I think you get the picture.