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Premier League Fantasy Match Day Live, Week 1 Sunday

Following Saturday's exciting season start, the first Sunday offers three matches on the menu, including an Arsenal/West Ham fixture in which many fantasy teams surely have invested heavily. Did you play your hunches right and enjoy big returns from less heralded players yesterday, meaning that anything you get today is gravy? Or if you picked big name flops, especially if you got a double dud from your captain, which players do you need to deliver big tallies today to put your fantasy teams back in business?

Theo Walcott netted a hat trick in Arsenal's final game last season, can he do likewise in this season's opener?
Theo Walcott netted a hat trick in Arsenal's final game last season, can he do likewise in this season's opener?
Stanley Chou/Getty Images

The first Saturday's slate of a half dozen games saw two clean sheets (both of the tense 1-0 variety), a pair of away wins, a couple own goals, two penalty kicks, one red card and a thrilling 4-2 barnburner between Leicester City and Sunderland.  A glut of supposedly studly strikers failed to deliver goals (Diego Costa, Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku and Wayne "At Least I Got an Assist for Sort of Forcing an Own Goal" Rooney, I'm looking at you!), as did popular captain choice Eden Hazard (unfortunately my painful pick).  Meanwhile, along the same lines, the usually reliable lock down home defense of Chelsea suffered leaks, denting the scoresheets of those who rolled with some combination of John Terry/Branislav Ivanovic/Cesar Azpillicueta/Gary Cahill and giving an extreme case of gut ache to those with Thibault Courtois in the nets.  On the other hand, if you picked players from the underappreciated midfields of Leicester City or Crystal Palace you were absolutely loving life.  Who made the right call from the likes of Brad Guzan, Marc Albrighton, Riyad Mahrez, Wilfried Saha, Yohan Cabaye or Premier League newcomer Andre Ayew?

As for today's tilts, is there anyone who hasn't gone in on a few samplings from the tempting smorgasbord buffet of Arsenal at the Emirates? Are you chewing your nails over the possibility of Olivier Giroud poaching a start and banishing Theo Walcott or someone else to the bench?  How many of you have tied your fortunes to incoming Merseysider Christian Benteke or Premier League newbies such as West Ham's Dimitri Payet, Newcastle's Georginio Wijnaldum (if you heeded Stall's call) or Liverpool's Roberto Firmino?  As for the first game, are you watching Arsenal/West Ham or are you tuning in for Newcastle/Southampton?  Who's merely biding your time waiting for Liverpool/Stoke?

It's the first Sunday of the season, get your keyboards and smartphones humming with chatter everybody!