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How was your weekend?

Was it hit or miss this weekend for your fantasy team(s). Just how many swear words did you use and what did you get right than others got wrong?

An old favourite did me well this week.
An old favourite did me well this week.
Michael Regan/Getty Images

In what may or may not be a weekly idea, we have a new post allowing you to brag on your weekend's achievements (I'm calling out Sani and Ken here) or moan like hell about the absolute unfairness of it all.

Week 6 was like this for me.


Points scored in week 6 - 138.75
Total rank in Beat the Bloggers - 4th

It seems the different points scoring isn't quite to all your tastes but I'm enjoying the game.  Maybe it's because I'm doing well or maybe it's because I don't find myself over thinking my picks with the unlimited budget.

David Silva's injury caught me out.  I wasn't aware until I got home so I had no time to make a swap.  Riyad Mahrez was once again a star with 25.50 pts and Simon Francis/Xherdan Shaqiri joint 2nd top scorer for me with 23pts a piece.


Points scored in week 6 - 49pts
Total rank in Beat the Bloggers - 981st place

Mahrez again was my top player with 11pts and Captain Kun the next best with 10pts.

I took Memphis Depay and Matt Ritchie out for Siggy and Shaqiri on Saturday morning.  Depay won an assist while Ritchie scored a strong contender for goal of the season.   Boy do I stink at this game so far this season.


Points scored in week 6 - 102pts
Total rank in Beat the Bloggers - 26th place

Dimitri Payet continues to be a great fantasy asset for me racking up 14pts in a tough away game.  Simon Francis 17pts was also nice but it was phantom king Yohan Cabaye and his 20pts that was my pick of the week.

For my flops let me introduce Alex Sanchez.  It was a risky pick on paper looking at the history.  However, nobody had more shots on goal this season than Sanchez and Chelsea had been conceding over 2 goals per game.  I didn't expect a monster but I did think he could rack up double digits, I was very wrong.

But Sanchez was still overshadowed by my two worst pickups.  Amazingly Siggy at home scored 1pt but the worst of all was fantasy machine Aleksandar Kolarov with an unbelievable ZERO!

102 pts was great but what a week it could have been had the normal phantom kings turned up.

Let us know, just how did you do?