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Week 7: Fantasy EPL Pre-Deadline Chat

With the transfer window, international week and start of Champions League well behind us, are things finally looking settled? Or are we headed for yet another topsy-turvy weekend of action with all the accompanying twists and turns, ins and outs?

Will Kevin de Bruyne score again or will the Spurs defense prove too tough?
Will Kevin de Bruyne score again or will the Spurs defense prove too tough?
Julian Finney/Getty Images

So many questions. Who is everybody's must have player this weekend slotting in all of their fantasy squads and as captain in official BPL format? Who are you shying away from? What game are you looking forward to the most both as a casual fan and as a fantasy addict? What is your crystal soccer ball telling you?

And perhaps most pressingly, will Arsene Wenger be able to get any sleep tonight following Jose Mourinho's latest impolite barb? Why oh why do so-called sportsmen have to be so cruel to each other?

My teams:

Hart / Kolarov / Azpillicueta / Darmian / Pedro / Sako / De Bruyne (V) / Mahrez (C) / A Ayew / C Wilson / Lukaku (Official BPL)

Hart / Cathcart / Kolarov / Monreal / A Ayew / De Bruyne / Mahrez / Sako / Aguero / Gomis / Pedro (Fantrax)

Howard / Kolarov / Cresswell / Amavi / Francis / Payet / De Bruyne / Mahrez / Hazard / Pedro / Aguero (Togga Perfect XI)

Can you tell by my squads and the introductory photo that I'm all in on Kevin de Bruyne as a match-up proof player along with Mahrez and Kolarov? Meanwhile, I've also got Pedro in all three teams due to his match-up against Newcastle. Am I a genius or a fool?

Which struggling star will finally score a goal and end the misery for his fantasy believers? On that note, did anybody else drop Eden Hazard last week before he notched his first goal? A tally, by the way, that has now officially been ruled a Callum Chambers own goal although it looks like Hazard gets to keep his huge fantasy points haul. Don't hear Mou whining about that one, huh?! Who do we all fear foolishly dropping this week? (In case you were curious, it's Alexis Sanchez this time around for me.)

Come on now, join in some fantasy chit-chat as everybody bites their nails making last-minute team choices.