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Match Day Live: Week 7 Fantasy EPL Chat

A fascinating weekend we have in the Premier League as we have one remaining undefeated side in the league as the leaders were beaten last weekend.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Another fascinating weekend we're having. Can Newcastle continue their good streak winning at home against Chelsea? Can Manchester City bounce back from their loss to West Ham United last weekend? The match of the weekend has to be Arsenal vs. Leicester City.

Alexis Sanchez will need to look for another great match, as well as Riyad Mahrez, as that is the key matchup between both players. No Gabriel though and Luke Shaw is out for six months after his horrific injury against PSV in the UEFA Champions League.

So what are you prediction for these matches? How is your team shaping up for this week?

I am currently on Hart; Darmian, Koscielny, Clyne; Albrighton, Schneiderlin, Mahrez, Hazard, Sterling; Aguero, Pelle.

Let's chat!