Wall Flowers.

This season I have noticed a trend when it comes to participation in the NMA community.

Polls do amazingly well with never seen before numbers rising into the 3-4 hundreds in a midweek poll. Outstanding!

In seasons past I know that the bar for weekend, game day chats, was set on the high side of 1200-1500 for a COMBINED weekend participation with a more realistic number approaching 1000+ for a nice average weekend chat.

I am seeing numbers this season fall below that total, so am asking all those who are here and watching, I know your here by the high poll numbers, to test the waters and join in the fun.

You don't have to do a formal introduction, and based on my own personal post, have anything relevant to say about anything, just come on in and join the party. Here are a few examples to help you get started.


He was offsides!

Great game!

Awsome insight Ken!

I agree with Ken!

Feel free to use those last two as often as you like.

Join us!

It will be the best thing you do this week!