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Premier League week 10 Saturday Live Chat

Lets have some Halloween fun

It is going to go one very good or very bad way for Kun
It is going to go one very good or very bad way for Kun
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Coming into week 10 we have had more questions than normal with star players not performing, star sides on winless runs and the normal mix of injury news to mess with our minds.

Typically then over a Halloween weekend some of us, well mainly me have lost our little minds and offered up some scary player picks.

Saturday starts off with what looks the banker result of the whole weekend as Sunderland hosts Arsenal.  The Gunners surprised us being being both held and goalless last week, that doesn't seem likely to happen this time around.

Saturdays fixtures in full

Sunderland v Arsenal

Manchester United v Burnley

WBA v Manchester City

Watford v Hull City

Middlesbrough v Bournemouth

Tottenham v Leicester City

Crystal Palace v Liverpool

  • What horror show will Kun give us, a bench appearance, a pointless return or a massacre of the WBA defence?
  • Will the Red Devils take Burnley to hell?
  • How many GHHHHHOOOUUUULLLLLS will i write?

Lets find out.  Happy halloween my monster friends.