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Week 13 Live Chat

Kun starts, KDB does not. in the weeks opening game. Hopefully a huge haul of fantasy points to come for all.

Can Burnley hold City without their hero?
Can Burnley hold City without their hero?
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Well week 13 has started as week 12 finished, with rubbish fortune.  My albeit laet Fantrax transfers were confirmed but did not happen Pereyra and Mane for Can and KDB.  We will see what that means over the next two days.

In Fantrax I continue then to end up with sides I'm not pleased about


Jenkinson, Dawson, Janmaat

Coutinho, Can, Mkhitaryan, Siggy, KDB

Zlatan, Giroud

It does look a bit of a mess.  KDB is benched for city argghhhh, while mIcki and Giroud as pure risk picks.  I also sold Kun.  This week could fast become a horror show but I just hope luck returns.

In FPL where I have been having a better season its


Pieters, Clyne, Evans

Coutinho, Firmino, Theo, Siggy

Benteke Austin and Kun

Capoue is 1st sub

The armband is on Kun so we will see how that goes.  I like it more than my Fantrax side.

A grumpy Stall as far as his teams go then before the games begin.

Lets chat