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Week 16 Midweek Live Chat

A full round of midweek EPL action under the lights

Manchester City FC v Celtic FC - UEFA Champions League
This man has made fantasy football harder
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Floodlight football is the best even if I don't have the blooming TV channels required to watch it grrrrrrr. Even better is a bonus round of midweek fantasy football fun.

My sides



Fabio, Dawson, Nyom

Payet, KDB, Alli, Mahrez, Pogba

Kane, Origi

I have taken a few minor gambles this round. A West Ham keeper is always a risk, Fabio and Dawson all pretty decent phantom men. Payet, KDB (assuming he plays) Mahrez are all normally good phantom scorers. Pogba faces Palace and Alli is the Spurs man due a goal. Kane and Origi are bang in form.

Its a risk to go with no Eden Hazard/Diego Costa and Alexis Sanchez but I had to pay retail for all three with all three away from home. Gamble time.

FPL side


Evans, Clyne, Pieters

Theo, Hazard, Siggy, Payet

Nacho, Benteke, Kane

I'm concerned on Theo Walcotts tarting status and the same with Nacho but after buying Payet I didn't want to take a hit to sell them this week.

I will need a little lucks for my plans to come off but we will see.

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