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Fantasy Premier League: week 19 Live Chat

Will Hazard get a rest, who has the "flu" at Arsenal, could Liverpool v Man City finish 5 each and will we once again be in fantasy point heaven? Lets find out.

Crystal Palace v Chelsea - Premier League
Poor Stoke
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Game week 19 matches

Hull City v Everton

Manchester United v Boro

Southampton v WBA

Burnley v Sunderland

Leicester v West Ham

Chelsea v Stoke

Swansea v B'mouth

Liverpool v Manchester City

Watford v Spurs

Arsenal v Palace

We will see plenty of rotation so anyone getting 11 players on the pitch is doing very well.

My sides


Foster, Evans, Valencia, Kone

Eriksen, Siggy (c), Payet, Hazard

Zlatan, Origi and Benteke



Jones, Rojo, Trippier

Adnan, Willian, Pogba, Siggy

Zlatan, Sanchez, Origi

I'm not a fan of my Fantrax side but you never know.

Lets chat