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Week 14 team of the week and leaderboard

Who had a week to remember in week 14?

West Ham United v Arsenal - Premier League
The main man in week 14
Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Let’s take a look at week 14’s star teams and the Beat The Blogger tables.

FPL week 14 top scorer

Hit Squad - 115 pts

  • Grant 8
  • Alonso 6
  • Koscienly 1
  • Brunt 14
  • Sanchez 23
  • Siggy 2
  • Hazard 9
  • Mane 11
  • Zaha 3
  • Costa 12
  • Kane 26

A gigantic score and the Hit Squad achieved it without putting the armband on Alexis Sanchez which is even more impressive. Looking ahead his current squad is pretty close to what many will see as the template side for the coming weeks. In addition with no Kun there will be no need to blow a free transfer this week addressing the biggest concern for many a FPL manager.

For me I had a solid 75 point return and after going one way then the other I sold Kun pre deadline on Saturday morning. Phillipe Coutinho and Kun came out while Harry Kane and Edna Hazard came in. I lacked the funds to do the straight swap of Coutinho to Hazard so took a hit to take Kun out for Kane. It was one of those moves I often get punished by Kun hitting a brace or better. This time it went in my favour even with the point hit. Holding Theo Walcott over Sanchez isn’t working at the moment but I will run with it for one week more and cross my fingers.

Beat The Blogger FPL leaderboard

  • Harambresquad 837
  • Gurgaon Ganster 814
  • Dasboot 8 810
  • Morningstar 810

Harambresquad extended the lead at the top to a comfy 23 points after a huge 97 points return. That was thanks in part to putting the armband on Sanchez.

Fantrax week 14 top scorer

Honkatonk - 173 points

  • Grant 18
  • Jones 4
  • Monreal 4
  • Nyom 4
  • Erisken 33
  • Moses 9
  • Son 15
  • Yaya 1
  • Kane 34
  • Sanchez 36
  • Costa 15

Again a monster score form the weekly winner. As with previous weeks we again saw you can achieve these mega point returns in Fantrax without much help from the defence. Only Grant returned a clean sheet in goal and Yaya didn’t even start. As seen with Kane and Eriksen picking against Swansea’s defence is working very well right now.

Beat The Blogger Fantrax leaderboard

  • Cptjack4 1517
  • 3time lucky 1484
  • c44si 1482
  • Da Blues 1476

The captain holds a little daylight over the chasing pack and broke the 1500 point barrier this week.

How did you do? If you see you name in either the scores of the week or the leaderboard let us all know your thoughts in the comments section.