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Which January transfer window signings will be Fantasy Premier League favorites?

The winter window is officially closed, and we want to know which new arrivals you're most excited about from a fantasy perspective for the rest of the season.

Benik wants to know if you think he's the best new signing this window.
Benik wants to know if you think he's the best new signing this window.
Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

This wasn't the most exciting transfer window in recent memory (unless you're a Newcastle fan), but there were still plenty of moves made and plenty of new players to get to keep tabs on for your fantasy squads. We'll continue running our FPL Scouting Reports to get you more in-depth analysis on the new names available, but for now we want to know which names have you most excited for the future success of your fantasy teams.

Use the poll below to rank the options by giving a Thumbs Up to player you'd like to see move up the list and Thumbs Down to those you think should be close to the bottom. Once you have voted, you can change to the other option, but you will not be able to return to a neutral state, so if you're on the fence or want to see how other managers feel before making a vote on a player, be sure to skip them for the time being and check back to see how the list shapes up.

*Quick Note: I've only included players on this list that were not already in the Premier League this season, so you won't see the likes of Steven Naismith or Jonjo Shelvey on this list, even though they are both excellent acquisitions for their new teams.

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