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Let us know which fantasy games you would like coverage for moving forward

With the Major League Soccer season set to start next week, all of the fantasy games we cover will be in action simultaneously. We're curious to see which games you're most interested in playing in the future.

Fantasy Premier League, Fantasy MLS, or both? Have your say!
Fantasy Premier League, Fantasy MLS, or both? Have your say!
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As we've touched on multiple times throughout the season, the end of the Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League game threw a wrench in our plans for coverage this campaign, and as a result we've been providing coverage for a multitude of games. But perhaps quantity shouldn't be prioritized over quality of the advice we're able to provide.

Covering three games for the Premier League, especially, has made it difficult to provide advice specific to the format(s) you love most. That's something we'd love to address ahead of next season. We also want to be the go-to fantasy resource for as many people as we can, however, so we're anxious to see which games or formats you would like to see us provide coverage for as we move into the future.

Use the ranker below to vote for the games you'd like us to cover by giving them a thumbs-up. If you're not interested in us providing coverage for a particular format, give that option a thumbs-down. If you're indifferent to any of them, feel free to leave those without a vote.

We'll take your votes into account as we begin planning for next season. Of course, that's assuming another game doesn't fall by the wayside! Thank you all for your input!

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