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Fantasy Premier League Player Picks, Week 25

Taking a look at which players who should be in our thoughts heading in to week 25?

A new fantasy fav to be?
A new fantasy fav to be?
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Week 25 is one of those with a number of even looking matches and nothing that screams 4-0.  Let's take a look at some of the options I think are worth considering.

Fraser Forster

Many of you have held the Saints shot stopper In Fantrax since his return.  Those who didn't probably picked him up after his monster fantasy points haul midweek against the Gunners.  He faces an equally in form Hammers side and the 4 game clean sheet sequence surely ends this week.  The question is if the clean sheets can we reply on the Saints to win the game and Forster to rack up some save points to make the pick worthwhile?

Robert Elliott

In the fixture post I gave my view on this match up and you will see the theme through the player picks.  WBA are not full of goals right now.  Add to that their fans seem growingly uncomfortable with the Tony Pulis style no matter how effective it is.   After the 3-0 scoreline against Everton Elliot is as cheap as they come.  I really feel this is the value game of the weekend and a home win.

Aly Cissokho

In a week where I see no obvious clean sheet then we need defenders who are phantom point magnets.   Cissohko isn't likely to reward you with a goal but he has shown himself able to supply the phantoms.  With Norwich looking shaky maybe he could also add you a surprise clean sheet.

Bryan Oviedo

Back to back Everton clean sheets has seen  favourite from last season take the left back spot from Leighton Baines.   A clean sheet at Stoke is a big ask but Oviedo has proven very good at racking up the points regardless.  He isn't 100% certain to hold his spot but the most likely answer is that if fit he starts once more.

Angel Rangel

The Swansea right back is one more than has returned me decent fantasy points in season's past.  He seem to have secured the spot in the 1st team and the Swans are back to playing their lovely pass and move style that the players enjoy.  A home fixture against away specialists isn't great but the Eagles are carrying many injuries right now.

Jonjo Shelvey/Andros Townsend

Both great prices and both players who perform much better at home.  In a bounce back fixture the pair are likely to be involved in much of the Magpies attacking play.  Of the two I like Townsend price and love of shooting to do the best.

Riyad Mahrez

Perhaps the most fun player to watch in the EPL Mahrez was back to his best against Liverpool.  City minus Kompany cannot defend and were cut open by Sunderland at time midweek.   We saw how the Foxes love playing on the counter and  City force every team to do that when they host teams.  I wouldn't pay the Fantrax price but a pick that will do you well in Togga and the official game.

Roberto Firmino

In the Official game a great one week pick up.  When Liverpool find a finisher who can stay fit they will provide plenty of goals.  Without one they will be a little hot and cold.  We had the hot at Norwich then the cold at Leicester.  It's hot time again then and Sunderland defence tend to do their best to help you score.  In Fantrax/Togga where he is listed as a forward he is much more a decision.  I haven't caught any of his goals this season yet but I am tempted to break my Fantrax front three of Kun Kane and Alexis up to try one more time.

Dimitri Payet

The man is awesome and recommend in any fantasy game right now.  If anyone can beat Mr Forster, its the Hammers magician.

David Silva

He hasn't yet got his partnership together with Kun since his return from injury.  Silva though is a big game player and the match against the Foxes is the biggest game of the season so far.   I think at least an assist from him this week.

Yaya Toure

Yaya is likely to move on in the summer but it's often around this time of season he clicks into gear.  With injuries to Nasri, Navas and KDB he looks likely to take the role behind Kun.  That has always been his best fantasy position and this looks a game he can make the difference.

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Also befitting from a return to team play that suits him, Siggy have 4 goals in 5.   He has both form and fixture in his favour.

Robbie Brady

A true fantasy favourite and one often over looked due to price tag.  He is back after illness and Norwich really need him.  His last Fantrax scores are 13, 11, 4, 10 and 12.   That pretty much a return of value and there was no goal or assist in that run.  It's a bold pick but the opposition are always willing to help.

Jordan Henderson

One more you will likely not select this week but one more that is a budget low risk high reward pick.  We are starting to see the sharpness return and at home he seems desperate to follow in Stevie G's shoes by shooting plenty.  I also believe he is still 1st choice penalty taker (Gavin?).

Deli Alli/Christian Eriksen

Spurs are playing some great football right now and in doing so create numerous chances.  You probably can't cover both and Alli did leave the pitch early midweek due to illness.   Eriksen is the safer pick but Alli is the potentially explosive one.

Wayne Routledge

Playing at home and seemingly in the new manager's taste, Routledge is a great budget option.  He doesn't have a great goal scoring record but he is a live wire and they often perform well in Fantrax rules.

Mesut Ozil

A must in Togga and overdue an assist or two.

Theo Walcott

Dropped midweek and really needs a goal.  Walcott is the player who would most enjoy the space Bournemouth leave at the back.  If he starts he score's in this one.

Kun Aguero

No need to explain.

Harry Kane

Proved beyond doubt he is no one season wonder.  Bang on form and a rival to Kun in the Official game.  He is becoming one of those you are worried not to have and has a nice home match up this week.

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis was not back to his best midweek but he was very effective from a fantasy front.  Like Kane/Kun you will be worried not to have him in your side.

Alberto Paloschi

Made a great impression in his 45ish minutes midweek.  His had 3 shots in that time and looked a player who will really suit the Swansea style.  At 1m in Fantrax he is one more great alternative pick against as side not defending well.