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Premier League week 28 Pre deadline chat

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Mid-week football and we get to choose from all twenty teams again, what transfer is going to move you up the standings?

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Mid-week football and we get to choose from all twenty teams again, what transfer is going to move you up the standings?

With the conclusion of the Capital One Cup, we get all twenty teams playing in week 28. Being a mid-week slate, however, there could be some surprises in the Starting XI's and subs. Namley, Guus Hidink has said Diego Costa will sit out one of the two upcoming matches to rest for the second leg of the Champions League - likely, Costa will be just one of many examples of this occurrence.

Here's a rundown of the matches for this Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday, March 1st

Aston Villa v. Everton

Bournemouth v. Southampton

Leicester City v. West Bromwich Albion

Norwich City v. Chelsea

Sunderland v. Crystal Palace

Wednesday, March 2nd

Arsenal v. Swansea City

Stoke City v. Newcastle United

West Ham United v. Tottenham Hotspur

Liverpool v. Manchester City

Manchester United v. Watford

My Official FPL team: Cech / Azpilicueta, Dann, Francis / Alli, Ozil (C), Payet, Mahrez, Shaqiri / Lukaku, Aguero (V) *Deli Alli is currently questionable, Nathaniel Clyne is my first man off the bench in the event he doesn't play

My Fantrax team: Forster / Oviedo, Rojo, Mertesacker / Eriksen, Payet, Bolasie, Silva / Aguero, Sanchez, Arnautovic

Yannick Bolaise at (£6) could be a very intriguing transfer as he comes back into the fold for Crystal Palace. This week he faces off with the very same Sunderland that conceded his 11-minute hat trick last season. Shaqiri (£6.4) has had his price fall on season, and appears to finally be playing at the top level it was believed he was capable of when transferred to Stoke. Dame N'Doye (£4.8), the Congolese forward could provide some much needed salary relief at the forward position - he scored 5 goals in the second half of the season for Hull City last year. Marcus Rashford (£4.6) the 18-year-old wunderkind for Manchester United has made an emphatic splash in his first week of first team action leading the Reds to victory in the Europa League and over bitter rival Arsenal by virtue of four goals and an assist. It's unclear what the role will be going forward, but the price certainly makes you think. Nordin Amrabat (£4.7) is now starting right next to Troy Deeney, though without quite the ceiling could still make an interesting discount choice in one's midfield.

That's what I'm thinking about, how about you?