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Week 30: Fantasy EPL Pre Deadline Chat

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There may only be a meager five games going for the long weekend, but there's no shortage of favorable match-ups just waiting to be exploited. With a veritable plethora of difficult decisions to ponder, let's get chatting, folks!

Who has Siggy in their fantasy plans this weekend?
Who has Siggy in their fantasy plans this weekend?
Michael Steele/Getty Images

The F.A. Cup has wreaked havoc on the Premier League schedule, taking away half of the prospective games for GW30 along with fantasy stars such as Ross Barkley, Petr Cech, Diego Costa, David De Gea, Roberto Firmino, Branislav Ivanovic, Odion Ighalo, Romelu Lukaku, Mesut Ozil and Dimitri Payet.

Even so, all is not lost as plenty of managers are looking to Leicester City, Manchester City and Tottenham for fantasy glory.

Some pressing questions:

  • How many of you have used your free transfer chip in Official BPL yet or have you been able to hold off for future plunder?
  • Who are you captaining in Official? Sergio Aguero? Christian Eriksen? Harry Kane? Gylfi Sigurdsson? Jamie Vardy? Riyad Mahrez? David Silva? Someone else?
  • Which bye players are worth holding on to at discount? Are you taking any zeroes for any players with big discounts or are you stocking up with 11 probable starters?
  • Are you loading up on players from one team or are you spreading the love around?
  • Where do you think the value is in the Stoke City/Southampton game? What about Bournemouth/Swansea?
  • Who among underdogs Aston Villa, Newcastle and Norwich have you pegged as worthy for fantasy investment?
  • What players are you anxious about regarding their injury situation or starting status otherwise?

While I am still contemplating some changes (especially in Official BPL with respect to Matt Targett who is not expected to start unfortunately), currently my teams (named Stallone Wall) are:

Forster / Alderweireld, Fuchs, Otamendi, Targett / Alli, Arnautovic, Mahrez / Aguero (C), Kane (V), Vardy / Bench: Fabiansi, Bellerin, Ozil, Payet [Official BPL]

Forster / Kompany, Otamendi, Rangel, Wimmer / Eriksen, Mahrez, Shaqiri, Silva / Aguero, Kane [Fantrax]

Togga Perfect XI: Schmeichel / Fuchs, Huth, Otamendi, Van Dijk / Alli, Eriksen, Mahrez, Silva / Aguero, Kane [Togga Perfect XI]

Let's get chatting!