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Who are you Captaining in the Upcoming Double Game Week?

With four or even six times as many points looming as possible loot for your captain, your impending choice is more important than ever. As you plan strategy regarding team building ahead of DGW34, who are you looking to designate as skipper?

Two home games against bottom half competition. No FA Cup or Champions League fixtures. Is this your captain pick?
Two home games against bottom half competition. No FA Cup or Champions League fixtures. Is this your captain pick?
Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

For those of us who are new to Official BPL fantasy, learning about the triple captain chip surely left us patiently waiting for when Sergio Aguero had a double game week. Now that point is finally almost upon us, but with Kun no longer even an automatic choice for our teams, the lush captaincy designation is certainly open for discussion.

Many fantasy players have already used their unlimited transfer for the second half of the season, while some are planning on using it imminently and others will wait until just prior to the final double game week closer to the end of the season. With the initial double game week approaching rapidly and plenty of difficult strategic decisions to be made, it is definitely time to start planning who you want to designate as your captain for DGW34 if you have not already done so, to help give you a better idea of how to round out the rest of your squad.

Ten teams have double game weeks (home games in caps, away games in lower case), so there is no shortage of options among their players:

When choosing your captain, there are several factors to consider, among them:
  • Which teams have favorable match-ups at home against lesser competition, leaving their players looking strong?  Perhaps Arsenal or Manchester United?
  • Which teams have the most to play for and ideally will want to field the strongest teams for both games? Perhaps Arsenal, Manchester City and West Ham fighting for Champions League spots and Crystal Palace and Newcastle battling relegation?
  • Which teams have the worst fixture congestion (whether FA Cup or Champions League), leading you to worry about their star players getting rested? Perhaps Manchester CIty, Manchester United and West Ham?
  • Which players are otherwise risks for being rested, due to recently (or shortly) coming off injury or otherwise having an injury history? Perhaps Aguero, Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Mesut Ozil, Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge?
  • Which teams have a good amount of cover, offering rotation worry? Perhaps Danny Welbeck (with Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott), Rooney (with Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford) and Sturridge (with Divock Origi and Christian Benteke)?
  • With strikers and midfielders scoring very well in fantasy, are you pointing to someone on the offensive end, or are you looking for a pair of clean sheets from a keeper or defender who is less likely to be rested?
  • With two starts being far from assured for several of the big stars, are you going to go against the grain and stick with a single game stud such as Harry Kane, Riyad Mahrez or Jamie Vardy who could certainly reward you with a double digit haul?
So who are you planning on giving your captain's armband to and why?