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Week 29 Pre Deadline Chat

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We have a North London shoot out, a fantastic race for title, Champions League qualification and relegation plus the biggest banker fixture in years.

Poor Kun has had a rough time but it will be all smiles at 5pm - or will it?
Poor Kun has had a rough time but it will be all smiles at 5pm - or will it?
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Week 29 is all about the fixture that looks the clearest, easiest and most obvious result to pick all season.   Is there anybody, anybody at all that thinks Manchester City won't add to Aston Villa's awful season with anything other than a big home win?

So, do you pick a whole Togga team of City?  do you triple captain Kun in the official game? do you guess correctly with the starting 11 in Fantrax?

One final thought.  After what has been the most unpredictable Premier League season of all time, is it possible that Villa could score at city?  no chance right!

Looking at sides during the week we saw a few commons fantasy tactics this week.

  • Siggy looks a popular pick that most have selected.

  • A few will risk Aleksandar Kolarov coming in.

  • The midweek Cl game and Hiddink talk of resting Diego Costa has put a few off his selection.

  • Khazri is our new BF.

  • A number of you are still holding discounts.

One final point and I writing is nice and big so it grabs you attention.

March 4th 2015 Leicester City were bottom of the Premier League 7 points off safety.

March 4th 2016 Leicester City lead the Premier League going into week 29.

Lets chat