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UEFA Champions League - LIVE Chat

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Welcome back to Champions League action! We have a full set of matches this week as the remaining sides face off for a chance to progress into the Quarter Finals. Let's chat!

Can Chelsea summon the spirit of their 2012 winning season and over turn PSG?
Can Chelsea summon the spirit of their 2012 winning season and over turn PSG?
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Let's take a quick look at our Champions League fixtures for this week:



Wolfsburg v Gent

Real Madrid v Roma


Zenit v Benfica

Chelsea v PSG


In probably the tie of this week, Chelsea face a monumental task of overturning a 2-1 loss in the first leg to French powerhouse PSG. After a tumultuous season, Chelsea's only realistic hope of qualifying for next season's CL will be to win the competition this season. As unlikely as that seems, the Blues have a few things going for them, namely the crucial away goal. However, Chelsea have accomplished this feat before after winning the 2012 CL against Bayern Munich in a PK shootout, effectively sealing their qualification for the next year even though Tottenham had beaten their London rivals to 4th place that season. While I just don't think Chelsea can go all the way this season, they certainly have the experience needed to make a go for it.

Benfica take a slight 1-0 lead from their previous tie against Zenit as they travel to Russia. It is still all to play for then, with the Portuguese club looking for their away goal to put this match beyond all doubt. Zenit should be boosted by their home field advantage and certainly have quality players in their ranks such as the powerful Brazilian Hulk.

Real Madrid have all but sewn up their progress to the Quarter Finals with 2 away goals in the first leg against Roma. With virtually no chance beyond a total meltdown by the Madrid giants, the Italians will have to focus on the next CL season it seems.

Wolfsburg head to Gent with a 3-2 away leg win under their belts. While the away goals should prove enough to see the Germans through, Gent have a life line through their 2 goals scored. While an away goal will draw the tie level at 3-3, Gent will still need to score 2 and keep Wolfsburg shut out to hope to advance. Although if both sides score, then things will get messy quickly. Let's hope for more goals in what has been an exciting tie.