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Week 6 Major League Soccer Fantasy Picks

The game weeks are coming thick and fast, and we've got a 6-team double week on tap. Here are our recommendations to get the best out our your team.

SKC players should be on your radar this week
SKC players should be on your radar this week
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

First off, remember to complete your changes by 8:30 PM on Wednesday. That is the deadline this week. Six teams have double games this week, Sporting Kansas City, FC Dallas, San Jose, Portland, Colorado and the New York Red Bull. Hopefully, you have planned ahead and are prepared with a few double game week players already.

There are no clear options to select from among the specific teams, each has it's advantages, some have more of a disadvantage than others. Portland is the team with two home fixtures but, they have a bye the next game week and are missing a key player, Darlington Nagbe, to the injury suffered at the feet of Nigel DeJong. Sporting Kansas City is an interesting choice because they have three sets of double game weeks in their next 5 game periods. Certainly, they will have some options to claim and hold through that period.

Let's take a look at this week's selections:


Tim Melia might be the best player to add, overall, this week. He garnered an amazing(for a goalkeeper) 14 points last week and is in brilliant form. His captain and central defender, Matt Besler has also returned to anchor the central defense.

If you are looking for a bargain to allow yourself to spend some cash elsewhere, consider Matt Lampson (4.7) for Chicago or even Travis Worra (only 4.0) for DC United. Unless you are considering a wild card, Melia is the clear cut choice to add, and your money might be better spent upon field players this week.


Consider Nuno Coelho as your top option to add. Even without Matt Besler as a partner and two other members of the back four being subbed out, Coelho delivered 10 points and a shutout for Sporting KC last week. The main concern might be rotation, although given the recent injuries and uncertainty around the defense, he appears to be the clear option for stability.

Other Sporting KC options include Amadou Dia at only 6.0 and Besler returning, who is probably a safe bet to go both matches at 8.7.

Colorado also offers some cheap defenders with Axel Sjoberg at 5.5, Matt Burch at 5.4 and Bobby Burling at 5.9. Of course, unfortunately it is hard to determine much with Colorado. They are Colorado.

Matt Hedges is expected to go 90' both matches for FC Dallas. He will set you back 9.0 in salary, but is also a threat to score from set pieces.

If you need a cheap defender consider Jonathan Campbell for Chicago at 5.1 or Daniel Steres who has claimed a starting position for the LA Galaxy at 5.2.


Diego Valeri of Portland has been outstanding this season and is the top transferred in midfielder this week. He has delivered 42 points so far and many of them are the bonus variety. Portland, of course, have 2 home matches. Get Valeri and give a thought to making him your captain.

Benny Feilhaber has returned from his injury and delivered 15 points in his 2 matches back. He is expected to go the full 90' in both matches. Remember Sporting KC has 8 games in the next 5 weeks.

As of the writing of this article, it is uncertain if Mauro Diaz and his undisclosed injury are set to go, continue to monitor the injury reports before considering adding adding him. Fabian Castillo is worth considering at 10.7, if you would like a Dallas midfielder.

For the bargain hunters, Alberto Quintero for San Jose is only 6.6 and Michael Azira for Colorado is 5.5. Both are expected to play 2 full matches and should accumulate bonus points defensively although neither is much of a threat to score.


The top forward pick last week was Dom Dwyer, and he delivered. He is priced at 10.2. It is a good time to load up on Kansas City players considering the benefit of their double game weeks ahead.

Maxi Urruti is the forward option for FC Dallas. He works hard and is a value at only 8.7.

Fanendo Adi is a bit of a differential this week playing for Portland with their two home fixtures. Unfortunately, he and probably Valeri will have to be transferred out next week as the Timbers have a bye.

Chris Wondolowski has scored four goals for San Jose this season. He is a solid choice, but I prefer the options above. You may also wish to consider the human bowling ball, Quincy Amerikwa, value priced at 7.6. He gets in on a lot of action and had two assists last week.


Just a brief note about my own squad this week. I moved up to 29th overall with the DC United defense, Travis Worra and Perry Kemp coming through, surprisingly, as my differentials. A pleasant surprise indeed. I was ranked at number 15, before the auto subs were added, I had no one to give me any points (for Mauro Diaz) on my bench.

My current team: Worra, Kemp, Parker, Coelho, Valeri, Piatti, Kaka, Diaz, Urruti, Giovinco, Villa. I expect to add Melia and some combination of Feilhaber, Dwyer and Sjoberg. I am keeping Diaz, unless there is some late news.

Remember, the best time to make your transfers this week is after the starting lineups are announced on Wednesday. Although it is a challenge to be patient, you will be assured of getting the Sporting Kansas City and Colorado starters. And unfortunately, the rotation ordinarily occurs in the second of the double game weeks.

Anyway, so how does your own squad look. What are your thoughts about a differential? Is there anyone considering a wild card? I am looking at week 9, with the 8 teans having double games in week 10.

Cheers and fair play,