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Premier League Matchday: Saturday Week 34

Four more match days left until the end of the Premier League. What will happen, who will be champions and who will survive another season?

Rafa knows time is running out. Can Newcastle pull off a miracle?
Rafa knows time is running out. Can Newcastle pull off a miracle?
Stephen Pond/Getty Images

And so with little bit of a month left until the end of the 2015-16 Premier League season, it has clearly been something of probably the craziest season in Premier League history, at least in recent time. Kudos to everyone who is holding on their lead in certain leagues, maybe there are some of you looking to fight for the top or possibly mid-table in the standings or dreading not to finish bottom of your friend's FPL group, which could be far off given the limited time we have left in a few weeks.

We start the day with a relegation battle as Norwich City tries to hold on their safety against a troubling Sunderland. Following that, Newcastle United is also looking to stay another season in the Premier League but face a tough test against Swansea City.

Meanwhile, Manchester United is looking for Champions League football instead of Europa League in their rollercoaster of a season, taking on Championship bound Aston Villa. A mid table clash also has West Brom hosting Watford while Southampton looks for a miracle to European football qualification as they take on Everton.

Finally in our match of the day, we have Manchester City, the UEFA Champions League semifinalists taking on the defending champions Chelsea.

The games on Saturday are:

Norwich City - Sunderland
Newcastle - Swansea City
Manchester United - Aston Villa
West Bromwich Albion - Watford FC
Everton - Southampton
Chelsea - Manchester City

My team is Schmeichel; Dann, Kolarov, Alderweireld, Clyne; Barkley, Payet, Mahrez, Ozil, Aguero, Vardy (c)

What's your team and what are you looking forward this weekend?

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