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Euro 2016 Fantasy Football is Live

Are you ready to watch England shock Europe? No its not the EU in or out referendum but the start of the summers fantasy fun with the launch of the Euro 2016 fantasy game.

A summer of fun
A summer of fun
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

With the Premier League winding down we can start our next fantasy adventure with the launch of the summer's premier competition Euro 2016.

The UEFA McDonalds official fantasy football game is already LIVE

Those of you familiar with the McDonald's game from the World Cups and Euro competitions past will be pleased to see it launch with a decent amount of time to play with your squad.  The competition starts in France on the 10th June so we will have the best part of 4-5 weeks to debate who we should and should pick in our sides.

We will be back with early previews next week but for now get yourself registered and into our league.

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League code: 01744G5F