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Staff Picks: Best EPL Fantasy Fixture, Week 38

It's the final game of the season and there's still plenty up for grabs. Here's where we see the best potential for fantasy points for your squad on Super Sunday.

Arsenal's manager shakes hands with Aston Villa's manag...errr, mascot.
Arsenal's manager shakes hands with Aston Villa's manag...errr, mascot.
Clive Mason/Getty Images
Chris - Arsenal v. Aston Villa

It may be the obvious choice, but it's kind of like the car crash on the side of the road that you just can't look away from. Third place against last place. The team with the fourth best home goal differential (+16) welcoming the one with the second worst away differential (-24) which has won only one road game all season, the opener at Bournemouth. One stinking game! With relegation assured for some time, Villa has absolutely nothing to play for and while Arsenal does not have to worry about missing out on Champions League qualification, there is still something on the line. After all, fans at the Emirates will be vocal in urging the Gunners' bid to celebrate St. Totteringham's Day yet again with a victory should Spurs also fall at Newcastle.

Start by loading up on the back line and keeper Petr Cech to take advantage of the likely clean sheet. On the offensive end, Alexis Sanchez is most likely to run rampant and hopefully Mesut Ozil will be able to join him if he is able to recover from injury. Olivier Giroud, Alex Iwobi and Aaron Ramsey are solid picks to deliver, while Jack Wilshere or Theo Walcott could earn a start with Danny Welbeck out injured. Picking against Villa has been a savvy strategy for a long time running; why not take advantage one last time?

Simon - Newcastle v. Tottenham Hotspur

There is plenty of sense in going into week 38 with the sides and players still with something to play for in the leagues final game. But this early in the week I'm finding picking between the choices awkward , therefore I will take a different approach.

Often on the final day you see teams and players explode in attacking returns. I could try persuade you with one final time for a go on the Romelu Lukaku train but that I'm not convincing anyone. Looking at the potential explosion fixtures, Arsenal hosting Aston Villa looks the bet. Its true Villa have picked up in recent weeks but that improvement was only scoring twice back to back in 3-2 and 4-2 defeats plus a home clean sheet against Newcastle side who don't offer much in attack. The negative issue with picking Gunners talent this weekend is first, that the distraction of the summer internationals ahead could cause one or two players to hold back or be subbed early. The second is the disharmony with the home support. Arsene Wenger will not be leaving the club as manager in the summer and will fulfill his contract at the least. Some fans are not happy with this and choose to show this during the games themselves. I will never understand that thought process. They love the club and they paid a lot of money to watch the game so why not cheer and encourage during the game and follow up with your protest afterwards (which is also your right as fan).

On the plus side I think there is some value in two super cheap Gunners middies. Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere are both just back from injury and both need minutes for the Euro 2016 ambitions. With Mesut Ozil likely given the day off they may both start for those of you who fancy a last day gamble.

Option two is a side who have been great for 95% of the season in Tottenham visiting a side that has been poor 95% of the season in Newcastle. We saw with Spurs home game against Southampton how failing in a target/ambition can effect players mentally in the next game. The events and result at Chelsea seemed to have shaken them up and the Saints took advantage. Maybe then we can apply the same thought here. Newcastle even after their draw against Villa would have hoped the relegation battle would be taken into the final day. It hasn't and the Magpies players have the deal with the same mental blow that the Spurs players did last week. It is possible Spurs players are still suffering but I think the extra week and the very impressive words from their manager Mauricio Pochettino will have sunk in. I think we will see a talented and progressive Spurs side return to the side we saw most week of the season and do to Newcastle what the Saints did to them.

So which to go with? Arsenals players are very well priced but with their reputation on finding the easy to beat teams a little different to beat on their own soli I will lean towards Tottenham ended the season scoring 3 or 4 and keep a clean sheet on the way.

Gavin - Manchester United v. AFC Bournemouth

With Arsenal guaranteed a spot in the Champions League and Villa playing for pride on the final day of the season, I think we may be a bit underwhelmed with what looks to be the best match on paper this week. Instead, I am anticipating both Manchester sides duking it out for that fourth place spot. The Red Devils are currently on the outside looking in, but unlike their neighbors they have a match in front of their home fans to finish the season. I expect there will be some bruised egos among the group after losing to West Ham midweek that will be eager to set things straight on Sunday.

Bournemouth have been an impressive side for a newly-promoted club, but with nothing to play for and away from their home fans I don't think they'll be particularly bothered to put in their best effort as their holidays approach. Players from attack and defense from United could be strong bets for big points.

Zach - Arsenal v. Aston Villa

Week 38 will be a lot less dramatic than previous seasons as the relegation battle wrapped up with Sunderland's dominating performance over a woeful Everton midweek. Leicester City had closed in on their improbable title two weeks previous to basically leave our final week as a simple send off into the summer transfer window.

Where then, can we find value then in a week that is likely to see many managers give a run out to their squad and youth players? Mathematically Arsenal still have a chance to celebrate "St. Tottingham's Day" and finish above their city rivals, Spurs, currently in second. This is of course not in their own hands, as Pochettino's men must also drop points on the last day of the season. But with a home match against Villa and the prospect of capitalizing on Spur's late season stumble would be motivation enough for investment.

With Welbeck facing close to a year on the sidelines after another knee injury, Olivier Giroud will surely lead the line for the Gunners at the Emirates when Villa come to visit. With a woeful road record, defensive returns are also on the cards. Thankfully the route into the Gunner defense is cheap as Gabriel should play with Mertesacker confirmed out with a hamstring injury. Taking one of Sanchez or Iwobi is also a good prospect as Wenger's side look to finish the season on a high.