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How to celebrate winning: Leicester City and Will Grigg style

Lets all have a party, lets all have a party la la la la, la la la la

Party time in Leicetser and Wigan
Party time in Leicetser and Wigan
Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Winning is everything they say, what they don't tell you is that celebrating winning is the true everything.  Take a look at a f videos showing how the fans do it.

Recent Premier League regulars had fallen into the League 1 coming into this season but bounced back to the Championship with a 4-0 win over Blackpool.

The hero that got them back in the Championship is forward Will Griggs who scored 25 goals in 40 games.  The fans seem to like him as shown here.  Want to know how much?  Well while they are signing I can see a couple of fruit machines in the background not being played, now that is a rare sight in any English boozer.  Feel free to sing along if you like.

Of course the season's fairy story was Leicester City winning the Premier League.  Nearly 250, 000 fans gathered with rock super group Kasabian and had fun.