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Euro 2016: France v Romania Live Chat

The hosts start us off in what will be an extremely emotional tournament for them and their fans.

Most have him so can he handle the expectation from fantasy fans?
Most have him so can he handle the expectation from fantasy fans?
Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images

Welcome all to the launch night of the Euro 2016 competition and much more important our Beat The Bloggers league.

If you are late to the party you still have time to join.

You can play the NMA Euro 2016 game via this link

Our Beat The Bloggers league code is 01744G5F

A few member are playing the daily 7 challenge seen on the same link.  If you wish to take me on my challenge code is 56187EVQ3SGFTQU

Before I say more a huge thank you to all the players who have joined our league.  We currently have 1347 brave souls in our private league so winning is going to take some effort.

It's also great to see members sharing their views and opinions in the comments sections as I you all continue to do as the competition plays out.

The Euros kick off with the hosts France playing Romania.  The French have looked very good in the pre Euros friendlies but will play for the first time under pressure as the real matches start.

Romania are very well organised side who will play deep in a tight formation looking to outlast the French flair machine.

Many of you hold the likes of Oliver Giroud, Dimtri Payet and co and will be hoping for French goals and a clean sheet to start you off the right way.

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