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Euro 2016 Sunday Chat: World Champs In Action

Second favourites and group stage bully's Germany start their campaign and have many fantasy hopes on their shoulders.

Favourite to win the golden boot
Favourite to win the golden boot
Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Three more matches today as groups C and D start.

Croatia v Turkey

Northern Ireland v Poland

Germany v Ukraine

Croatia will be looking to show why they are many peoples outside tip to win the Euro's, Germany hold many fantasy players hopes and Poland will try and end the longest unbeaten run by any team in the competition held by N Ireland.

My fantasy team has had a shocking start with just the 1 goal and 1 pen won from 7 players. My entire bench will get a shot to help out starting tomorrow.

In an early thought on playing catch up I'm wondering if I should try the captain's armband on Mesut Ozil or Thomas Muller.  Muller is the obvious selection but my gut is saying Ozil.  What do you think?

If you would like to challenge me at the daily 7 game link to daily 7 code is

Challenge code 56187EVQ3SGFTQU

How are you doing so far and who do you have today?