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Euro 2016 Rate My Team: The First Transfer Chance

Most of us could do with more than one but one is all we get for free.

Are you as happy a manager as Mr Low?
Are you as happy a manager as Mr Low?
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

It has already been a summer tournament full of stories and we are only one third of the way through the group stage.  For all the talk it was the normal results that occurred, Germany, Italy and Spain winning.  Suspected weak nations Northern Ireland and Albania lost but didn't disgrace themselves.

The rounds star performers were

Dimitri Payet -€” Goal and assist.

Fabian Schar -€” Goal and clean sheet.

Gerrard Pique -€” Goal and clean sheet.

Leonardo Bonucci -€” Assist and clean sheet.

To be fair, only Payet was ever in my side but a few of you caught him and Schar as your captain.  For those of you who did, great call.  My frustration comes as I had Payet in and out of my side until the last minute.  Interestingly as we had thought possible it was your defensive options that produced the best points.

My 1st set of games has been disappointing points wise and with England blowing a lead in injury time the tournament has been frustrating for me so far.  Hopefully the second round of games will be the total opposite with my squad over performing and more important England beating Wales in the battle of Britain.

So its transfer time.  To remind you we only get one for free with any additional costing 4pts from your total score.  With the cost of additional transfers almost matching the reward of a goal/clean sheet they seem a gable too far or at least after the 1st set of games.

My squad looks like this


Juanfran, Hector, Hysaj, Klein, Rami

Ozil, Juvuzovic, KDB, Matuidi, Stanciu

Muller, Kane, Giroud

I like Kozakik's chance of a clean sheet against Russia , while Juanfran, Hector and Rami will go nowhere.  In midfield I bought Stanciu specifically for the next two group games, while Ozil and KDB will stay, KDB largely because I see no other option that can offer as much as a chance for a monster haul.  Up front Olivier Giroud and Kane have games they could score as the face opposition who gave up chances in the opening games.

This then leaves me with four possible options.

Sell Thomas Muller. Muller faces a Poland side who kept a clean sheet against Germany in qualification and won't be as in awe of them as Ukraine seemed to be.  Perhaps the confidence will mean Poland could make the game a lot more difficult for the German midfield in possession.  The time and space Ukraine gave Toni Kroos was crazy and reducing that could see a less dangerous German attack.

Sell Hysaj.  Hysaj could have provided me a brace of assist against Switzerland and now faces France next.  Surely no clean sheet chance there.

Sell Blaise Matuidi.  The obvious swap would be to upgrade Matuidi to Payet.  Payet must be as confident as he has ever been in his career and facing Albania next in a game where you would think he could add to his goals/assist tally.  The move does feel a little like chasing points but also sensible based on what we saw in the opening game.

Sell an Austrian. The psychological blow to the Austrian players must be huge.  Not only have they lost to one of the weakest sides in the Euro's, that side is their neighbour.  Further there were those who felt they could go very far in the competition.   Perhaps they still can but I'm now wondering.  Klein was 5m and Juvuzovic 6.5m in midfield.

What are your transfer choices?