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Euro 2016 Thursday Chat: The Battle Of Britain

It is the group game fixture that has caught the headlines in the UK when the draw was made. Its England v Wales time

Time for this duo to deliver
Time for this duo to deliver
Lars Baron/Getty Images

The second set of fixtures provides a potential highlight of the whole group phase as UK rivals England and Wales face off.

England v Wales

Northern Ireland v Ukraine

Germany v Poland

England will hope to match the performance from the Russia game but this time take their chances.  Wales will have nothing to fear and after England threw away their lead on Saturday they may smell weakness in the English minds.

Obviously, stopping Gareth Bale should be on Roy Hodgson's plan.  Hopefully the plan will be more subtle than asking Chris Smalling to grab and cuddle him.  The second attacking part of the plan will hopefully be to supply Harry Kane some of the chances he didn't get against Russia.  I'm sure if one of two of those fell to him we would have been talking about an England win against Russia by a couple goals.

Northern Ireland v Ukraine could be a straight shootout for hopes of finishing 3rd in the group.  It will be tight and tense.

Germany v Poland could be a cracker.  They shared wins in qualification and based on their opening games Germany are strong favourites.  Poland though were under huge pressure to win their opening game and can play with more freedom tonight.

As is now the pattern for me I have swapped my captain.  I'm taking a gamble with my heart on my sleeve and putting it on Kane.

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