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Euro 2016 Rate My Team: Second Transfer Chance

Its a Wildcard for me.

I may sign him today.  Can he beat my captains curse?
I may sign him today. Can he beat my captains curse?
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Before we get started on the final set of group games we get a chance to change our quad heading into the games.

My plan wasn't to use anymore than the one free transfer at this stage but the failure that my squad has been means a change of tactics and the use of my wildcard.

I will be selecting from those sides with something to play for.  With two wins under their belt France, Italy and Spain seem likely to rest bodies heading into the final game, hence I'm likely to leave their players alone.

The off the bench impacts of Daniel Sturridge and Jamie Vardy makes them options.  Gareth Bale is scoring and you have to like him against Russia who must win and therefore will be playing higher up the pitch.  Surely Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo are due a goal?

Austria, Albania, Turkey and Ukraine are due a goal.  Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain have yet to concede.

Lots to talk about