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Euro 2016 Tuesday Chat: Group C and D completion

Not likely but the awesome Germans haven't been that way so far.

Both are due a goal.
Both are due a goal.
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Groups C and D will be completed today.

Ukraine v Poland

Germany v Northern Ireland

Spain v Croatia

Czech Rep v Turkey

Can Northern Ireland cause the biggest shock but upsetting Germany?  No I don't think so but you never know.

I had my first good day in the regular game with clean sheets for my Slovakia keeper (wish this wasn't the case) a clean sheet for Eric Dier and a goal for Gareth Bale.  The armband was on Bale and now I need to decide whether I roll the dice by swapping to Christiano Ronaldo tomorrow.

Today I have hopefully two German defenders along with Toni Kroos and Cesc Fabregas.  I'm in a disappointing 215th spot but at least I'm moving upwards.

Justincase -€” Conditional Bale and Sir Yoyo Luckyman are our Beat the Bloggers leader with 165 points each.  Considering we have 1850 players in total it's a great achievement.  Well done to both of you and let us know who you are cheering today.

In the daily 7 challenge I sit in 2nd place in my private league.  Being able to change you players daily suits my playing style much more and maybe that is why I am doing better or maybe it's because there are nowhere near the number of rivals.  Looking back we should have promoted this version of the game as I think those who love the Yahoo/Fantrax transfer rules would enjoy it more.

Good luck all.