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Euro 2016: Come on England Part 4

Nobody in international football makes things look harder than England. Expect anything tonight.

This is the time for Mr Kane
This is the time for Mr Kane
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

We round off the round of 16 today with the final two fixtures of the set

Italy v Spain

England v Iceland

You have to think the Italians will feel a little hard done buy.  It's tough to win your group and face the defending champions in the last 16 knowing a match against the World Champions is the QF reward.  On the plus side they are extremely well suited to a defensive game plan and utilising the counter attack to win the game.  Spain will start as favourites but it looks a 50/50 game and screams extra time to me.

England meanwhile are strong favourites to progress against Iceland.  As normal they have faced criticism during the tournament some of which is earned, some not.  England have dominated all three games they have played.  The problem has been this domination has been in terms of possession and game control rather than actual score line.  I'm going to look at this as a one step at a time process as I don't recall England dominating three teams in a row in a tournament environment for some time.  Against Iceland you would expect this pattern to continue and of course I hope we can take the numerous shots on goal and turn them into actual goals this time.

As an all too experienced England fan part of me worries about us blowing it against a side we should beat on paper.  Having said that, I'm quietly optimistic that tonight is the night the side show some potential in the final 3rd.   The optimism is shown by me putting the armband on Harry Kane in what I hope is a bold move that could return big.  I have thoughts of Gary Lineker breaking his goalless run in 1986 against Poland.

The commentary on this one really gets across the pain and joy of a biased football fan.

First up he has to make the starting 11.

Do you have any players playing today?  Do you have the armband on one of them?