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Euro 2016: Poland V Portugal Live Chat

Two teams that went to extra time in the round of 16 head into the QF.

Who took a shot with Ronny tonight?
Who took a shot with Ronny tonight?
Lars Baron/Getty Images

The quarter finals of Euro 2016 kick off this evening with the game between Poland and Portugal.

We saw Poland adopt a very safety first style in the second half against Switzerland, one that nearly cost them victory.  Portugal were as cautious in their round of 16 game against Croatia.  It looks a tight game on paper and one where the fear of losing could overcome the reward of winning.  If this is true then we could see a dull game lacking in goal scoring opportunities.

A tight game seems one where a mistake will win it or possibly a moment of quality by on the game's best match winners.  Robert Lewandowski has looked less the player then we see weekly at Bayern Munich where he enjoys the chance made but a much more attack minded and creative side.  Cristiano Ronaldo however is a player that often doesn't need any help to create his own moments of magic.  I will take a stab at a 1-0 Portugal win and Ronny to do the honors, perhaps in extra time.

I have Artur Jedrzejczyk playing for Poland only and he has the armband.  My eggs are not in this basket

How do you see this one going?