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Euro 2016: Wales v Belgium Live Chat

The Premier League stars in the second QF match up. Will a certain forward troll me again?

Can the back up Belgium defence stop this man?
Can the back up Belgium defence stop this man?
Stu Forster/Getty Images

The second quarter final see's Wales face off with Belgium.

It's a match that has an extremely Premier League look about it and therefore hopefully will be as entertaining as an average super Sunday game often is.

Belgium are the bookies favourites but with them missing two of their normal back four and Wales having played Belgium twice in qualification, going unbeaten with one win and one draw the game looks plenty closer.

I have number of players playing in this one but have to decide if the armband goes on the more obvious Real Madrid star Gareth Bale or more stressful choice of Everton forward Romelu Lukaku.  I almost feel like if I pick the Troll King in any team that I have to captain him.  What do you think?