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Fantrax Fantasy Football is Live: WHOOOO HOOOO

The fantasy game we have all been waiting for is now live.

Best manager in the world maybe, but could he beat us at fantasy football?
Best manager in the world maybe, but could he beat us at fantasy football?
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Whilst we love every fantasy football game here on Never Manage Alone, our site was formed based on our love of the original Yahoo Fantasy football game.

Yahoo temporary or otherwise are no longer providing the product we love but to no concern.  Thanks to Fantrax we can continue playing the same game with give or take the odd difference the same rules.

For those of you who discovered us over the summer the Fantrax game differs to the FPL game in a couple key ways.

Unlimited transfers

Too often in other fantasy games once you get behind the pace setters you can lose a little interest.  Being handcuff by only being able to make one free transfer per week can make chances of catching your arch enemy difficult.  Fantrax meanwhile offers unlimited transfers.  Want to change all 11 players then change then you can do just that

So it sounds like the game is too easy right?  Wrong!

Whilst the unlimited transfers allows you to easier close the gap on your league rivals it also makes holding off those chasing you much harder.  A further element to the puzzle is that player prices tend to change much more dramatically than other fantasy games.  If you hold a player at big discount and one who has been awesome all season, do you sell him for his blank week or should he be suspended for one game?

No bench options means you can't wimp out and keep him out of the firing line either.  In every season I have played I see fantasy player after player trapped, holding their hard won discount on players and then watching as more ruthless rivals close in on them.  Just as often I have seen the smart fantasy player holding onto that bargain buy for the whole season and being rewarded as the player doubles in value or more.

Everything matters.

The point scoring system is the second feature that attracts people to the game.  It's not just goals, assists, clean sheets and set number of saves that earns you points.  You get points for shots on target, successful crosses, tackles won, passes intercepted, corners won, fouls won etc etc.

You will find yourself watching football just a little differently.  A shot on target meant very little to nothing before.  A shot on target in Fantrax is 3pts.  If the keeper pushes it around the post for a corner then that's a 1pt extra mmmmmm i pt extra.  Explaining to your friends and family why such an event brings a smile to face is something they may never understand.

What if your player commits a bad tackle?  Relief for any FPL player when the ref shows no yellow card.  But for the Fantrax player that tackle whilst avoiding a yellow card has just cost you as every foul conceded is minus 1pt.   Now when you pick a player like Andy Carroll whose average game contain quite a few clumsy tackles it can get very frustrating.

The point system means a player can play well in real life and earn a huge fantasy score without a goal, clean sheet etc.   It makes you think a little deeper on your choices.   Often a player who scores a goal (10pts) but does bugger all else gets out scored by a player who doesn't score goal and yet racks up all sort of other points (we call phantoms) winning corners, tackles, crosses and a couple shots on target in a 18-25pt haul.

You can still plan a few weeks ahead as you need to in FPL but you decisions are much more immediate and Fantrax provides a bigger potential swing in fantasy points.

Finally, Fantrax live points system both works and rewards.  The satisfaction of watching those points come in and then adding something like Zlatan SOT again up to 30 points in comments section of our live chats the week you picked him is great.  When it's the week where very fantasy players have him is all the better.

If you haven't tried Fantrax's game before then please give it a go.  Those of you who have won't even have read the post I wrote in the excitement.

You may join here Fantrax Fantasy Football
Our league ID is he5ckxypiqucgas5
Password is NMA_Blog

Come join us.