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Fantasy Football Rate My Squad:3 weeks to go

No need to panic just yet with 3 solid weeks of debate left. Who is in and who is out of your fantasy lineups?

Cheap filler who won't start or potential bargain?
Cheap filler who won't start or potential bargain?
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With just 3 weeks to go until the start of the 2016/17 Premier League we still have plenty of time to adjust of starting line-ups.

As you will have hopefully have seen we are running two fantasy games this season.

Fantrax Fantasy Football

Our bread and butter game and the one NMA fans enjoy the most.  Unlimited transfers and the best points scoring system in a fantasy game.

To join click this link

Fantrax Fantasy Football

Our league ID is he5ckxypiqucgas5
Password is NMA_Blog

Fantasy Premier League

The most popular game in the fantasy world.  Squad system and the requirement to plan sets this one apart. 

To join click this link

FPL Fantasy Football

League name - Beat The Bloggers
Password  - 61385-21391

My teams are coming along but if I tell you I like neither enough to commit then you won’t be surprised. 

Fantrax as it stands


Clichy, Muniesa, Shaw

Silva, Hazard, Micki, Leko

Kun, Gray, Vardy

It’s ok, but fitting Kun into because as of right now I’m too fearful of not picking him is butchering my side.  I’m tempted to pick KDB and gamble Kun doesn’t score more than once on the opening weekend.  I’m just unsure the shape Pep chooses.  KDB is much better playing central so seeing him moved to a wide role either side of Kun would put me off.

Muniesa and Leko are fillers although Leko may stay as a real opening day gamble. 

Hull City are in a state right now.  No manager, few fit players and an owner who wants out.  They look plumb for the champions counter attack to me and as Jamie Vardy is 4m cheaper than Riyad Mahrez Vardy is selected for now. 

Gray is a great value pick but picked up a hamstring strain over the weekend so I will need to keep a close eye one fitness. 

The key will be my call on Kun.  I can get Zlatan for half the price and turn Micki into KDB with change.  Everytime I have played I like the side better without Kun but thought of an opening weekend hatty from him scares me and I select reset.

FPL as it stands


Ivanovic, Friend, Baines, Shaw, Evans

Cesc, Townsend, Barkley, Coutinho, Leko

Zlatan, Gray, Kun

Once again Kun is holding too much of my money but with the added stipulation of the captains armband he becomes even more scary not to have.  I think I have to stay with him.

Zlatan is too expensive if we see a player scoring 15 league goals (which I think may be the case).  I will likely sell him and if I do Micki will come in. 

Hazard is losing out to Cesc right now on price.  I think Cesc could be a player who benefits from Conte as manager and can return to providing the assists and odd goals that make him a better pick for the price.   The preseason team shape and performances will decide that call.

Gray and Leko make it again on value and price.

Barkley I think will break through under Koemann.  I’m slightly disappointed he isn’t cheaper and only that puts him at risk.

Countinho has tough opening fixtures but I just think Klopps side will attack anywhere and everywhere they play.  Coutinho is their most consistent threat.

So lots and lots of changes to come but here is where I am 3 weeks out.

How are your latest draft sides looking?